Mistress Sea

North Sea —
mischievous mistress,
foam-mouthed femme
I plead you, paramour
still your surge,
calm the brine,
let the lighthouse-beacon
bring my brittle boat
through froth-teeth spray
through cruel curlicues
to shore
where there are mouths to feed.

North Sea,
I love you but
tonight please let
the lighthouse lead me

I will be back.

Pharos ~ The Lighthouse Kerry O’Connor @skyloverpoetry

For Kerry’s fantastic image at toads I have a weekend 55. I will try to read more before during the weekend. But tomorrow night I will be on a Björk concert.

November 7, 2019

18 responses to “Mistress Sea

  1. A mariner’s prayer……here on the coast, lives are lost every year, when small boats go down.

  2. kaykuala

    Through froth-teeth spray
    through cruel curlicues
    to shore where there are mouths to feed

    The lot of the sailors with responsibilities in fine words very well captured! .


  3. What I most especially like about this poem is the one long sentence construction of the first stanza. The narrative voice is most compelling. Thank you for writing to my illustration.

  4. ‘still your surge, calm the brine’ ~ insistent in the most gentle way. Beautiful write.

  5. The first few lines of this are so evocative, and the poem ends on such a bittersweet note–really captures the feeling of what the ocean can be to our ‘brittle boat’, beautiful, soothing, terrifying, alluring,and somewhere part of our blood, even though we are creatures of the land. Excellent 55 Bjorn.

  6. The danger seamen faced every day – often just to put food on the table and scratch out an existence! I bet they said many a prayer!

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