Untitled document

I am untitled
I love hiding in fog

I am unfogged,
loving title of I?

I am hiding in love
Un-fog-titled I.

Am I in fog?
Hiding, Led in tit-love.

Unhide, am loving I.
I title fog.

Am I loved,
Hiding untitled in fog?

Am I fog?
I hide, titled unloved.

Untitled by Adrian Ghenie

55 words in the model of “The Uncertainty of the Poet” by Wendy Cope, as inspired by Kim at toads.

November 30, 2019

11 responses to “Untitled document

  1. Some of the stanzas made laugh. Others made me nod, sigh, shake my head… The last grew a huge lump in my throat–there is something about the word “unloved” that seems to kick a soul in the gut.

  2. I think you nailed the vague uncertainty of the original poem, layering it in a touching ambiguous lost feeling.

  3. I couldn’t help laughing when your words formed “Hiding, led in tit love”. As much as I enjoyed the prompt this time, I hope it doesn’t appear again!

  4. Marvellous, Björn! I love the wordplay and the way the meaning plays hide and seek with the reader. I read it several times and it led me in different directions every time.

  5. How excellent, Bjorn.. and in 55 words too. So impressive. I love how you moved the affixes around as well as the words themselves.
    Am I loved,
    Hiding untitled in fog?

    What a quintessential question.

  6. This is absolutely phenomenal, Bjorn! ❤️ I LOVE; “Am I loved, Hiding untitled in fog?” Wow 😀

  7. You aced this challenge, not an easy one to be sure. No fog brain for you! (Had to giggle at Marian’s comment.)

  8. Wow!! I love the way you move those two letters, “un”, around. Almost unbelievable getting it don in 55 words.
    Let’s see, seven lines. Two on the title, but seven or eight words a verse. The trick is in use of the hyphen.
    Good Job, Bjorn.

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