Corpus Delicti

Let’s plunge
to yearning
into butterfly-basins;
let’s share
at least an esthesis
of delicate corpus delicti;
and if only
this flutter of fervor
lasts briefly,
let’s waltz to
the sea-groan of tides
and tumultuous tempests
tempting your hair.

Let’s never forget
how the cinnamon-moon
paints flowers on sand
forever is never or now.

The Kiss by Théodore Géricault

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29 responses to “Corpus Delicti

  1. This is incredibly sensual, Bjorn ❤️ I especially like; “how the cinnamon-moon paints flowers on sand pretending forever is never or now.” 😀

  2. Good golly, that’s incredible.

    I am totally enamored with the phrase “butterfly basins.”

    I love the rhyme of “least” and “esthesis” and the alliteration of “flutter of fervor.”

    The closing stanza is most excellent. Also the title!

    Fabulous work!

  3. A delightful romp here, Bjorn. I hope never to forget origins, especially flower painting in the sand. Fun but hard wirk.

  4. I’m still thinking about ‘forever is never or now’ sort of like turning ‘it’s now or never’ on its head. I love the image of the butterflies fervently swirling in the basin, at least that’s what I see.

  5. There are several lines that speak directly to the moment. Oh to dance that one dance…Forever is never or now…to me time is “now” what one has in this moment. Waltz on ….

    let’s waltz to
    the sea-groan of tides

  6. Oh, this is so beautiful. I love “the sea-groan of tides” and the forever that is never or now. Just perfect.

  7. How true: There are some things that one should never forget. Moons sprinkling cinnamon tint here, there, and everywhere is one of them.

  8. That title tugs on the delicate imagery, giving it a more insistent edge. What laws have been trespassed? Is the corpse one (or both) of the lovers after leaving their heart behind in that perfect moment?

  9. I enjoyed the ending: “pretending/forever is never or now.” and the idea of the cinnamon moon painting flowers on the sand. This is a nice visual, thank you.

  10. This is truly superb … another one for that … evermore crowded pinnacle where I place your very very best work (metaphorically speaking, of course ~ smiles~). It’s all about THE WORDS … which, I suppose (on face value) is kinda like ‘duh … it’s a poem’. But, of course, as you know, Bjorn … there are words and then … THERE ARE WORDS. (At this point I was about to list a few of the words that blew me away … but I was basically copying and pasting the whole poem … though ‘Let’s plunge slowly to yearning – right out of the gates – is beyond profound – and a real tip-off that this was going to be GREAT). In fact, THIS IS BEYOND GREAT!

    This IS poetry!!!


  11. How beautifully this reads Bjorn I really enjoyed it. However I was concerned with the girl in the Gericault painting as the poor lass can’t be comfortable just about to fall on the floor.

  12. You always write so eloquently, so creatively. This is one of my favorites. I just love the ending. Beautiful work!

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