Closing time

After closing we waited; drunk from liquor and longing my hands on your bum.

The two-AM-streets were empty, silently walking,
Was this another dead-end or a brand new beginning?
Were you forever or just for tonight?

You’d spotted me where you sat, cornered with two of your friends.

Pretending I didn’t notice the sparks in your gaze, I ordered a beer; but as you went to the restroom, I managed to get you alone.

“I have eggs for my breakfast,” you said, as we turned left at the corner,

Knowing it was for tonight, I tried to remember your name.

© Roger Bultot

Ok I only saw the shutters and thought about closing, and remembered the Leonard Cohen Song “Closing Time”, and tried to fit a story around that.

Friday Fictioneers is all about finding a story in the picture. Rochelle keep us in order and make sure that we don’t exceed the allocated 100 words.

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November 13, 2019

53 responses to “Closing time

  1. Perfect frogs for your story…
    Ahhh… the old trying to remember your name thing. He better work on that before they move forward!
    I liked this.

  2. It sounds as if what she’s offering is not your typical Bed & Breakfast. 🙂
    We have a country song over here entitled, “The Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time.”

  3. Great evocation of a night out and that frisson of excitement when eyes lock. Just as long as they both know it’s only for tonight … Great story telling, Bjorn

  4. ‘Eggs for breakfast’ already the lust has matured. I like the ambiguity, I assume it is she who wants her hands on a ‘bum’. Who is Male/female a question that is left hanging.

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