Kept in your keep

Bind me tightly, silkroped to
the kneeling of your craving.

Keep me secret, padlocked to
the sliver of your heartbeats.

Strip me naked, tightroped to
the turrets of your passion.

Leave me tethered, tonguetied to
the silence of your breathing.

Keep me boldly kept.

Prisoner of love by Erte

The word for Kim’s quadrille today at dVerse is keep. You have to use exactly 44 words as usually.

November 4, 2019

35 responses to “Kept in your keep

  1. The ‘Prisoner of love’ print is lovely, Björn, and I’d like to keep it for myself, seeing as my name begins with a ‘K’! I love the phrases ‘silkroped to the kneeling of your craving’ and ‘tonguetied to the silence of your breathing’ – the wordplay and alliteration in your quadrille are outstanding!

  2. So very alliterate today; wonderful, sensual & light. You had me at /strip me naked, tight-roped to the turrets of your passion/.

  3. Wow. This is really good. Evocative, enticing. Erotic poetry at it’s best. Both hot, thought provoking and very well written. Love it!

  4. You know, Bjørn, aI counted. And, there is exactly 44 words in your poem. Congratulations, in case, my thinking is, you are not aware of it. And there is something to it … 44 words … Making it … Being qualified … As you, excellently, point out in the poem. In difference to people else commenting, aI have no intention of making that poem a question of sexual intercourse. Not at all am aI so natural. So, aI think one better be childish. And count 44 words.

  5. I’ve sat here for 20-minutes trying to think of ways to be supportive and encouraging, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a prude. LOL!

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