It still feels like betrayal

They walk among us still — the souls of proxy-fighters we betrayed.

Most of us still stagger streets with down-cast eyes; air-pods filling our heads with blazing hymns.

It’s painful to remember how we waited for the bombs to fall; together, telling stupid jokes in broken English.

Now only silent darkness soothes our pain.

Together we believed the world would be a safer place to live, but as we are safely home while they — our comrades — are being battered into pulp.

We’ve been commanded into cowardice, and bear the burden of our guilt that never can be shared.

© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Friday Fictioneers is a led by El Commodore Rochelle, and we the faithful peons of fiction try our best to follow her guiding star in creating stories in 100 words.

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October 16, 2019

32 responses to “It still feels like betrayal

  1. In so few words you have built a world and its history, and built tension regarding the past and the future. I was completely pulled in. Well done, Björn!

  2. A very… “sobering” write this week. what indeed do we gain from war when weighed against the innumerable losses. Good one!

  3. A sobering, powerful story that could have been lifted from the newspapers of today, Bjorn. On one hand, we have extremely poor justification and on the other anger and military who say they’re ashamed of this action. I love, love, love the dancing frog. The more I watched it the funnier it became. — Suzanne

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