Still life in the library

The aged librarian
can not survive
on syllables
who are bled in ink
to sentences alone.

He cannot live on pulp
providing sustenance
in wasted books;
but the aged librarian
has ceased to care for cooking,
so in a secret nook,
in the furthest hall
he keeps a loaf of bread
some fruit,
a jug of wine to share
with poems whispered
from ceilings and from walls.

Still life with jug and bread by Pablo Picasso

I decided to join dVerse a bit late for Lisa’s prompt on food.

October 2, 2019

15 responses to “Still life in the library

  1. Ah those secret stashes! I am currently reading a book where one of the characters, a librarian,does not go beyond 3 bloocks of the library and eats a chop daily at a restaurant a block from the library. He has done this for 25 years. He seems to be quite content.

  2. I think the aged librarian deserves his own book, Björn! How many librarian poems have you written so far? Maybe he is a book vampire, sucking the words from the books in his library, and the bread, fruit and wine are red herrings.

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