Most days

Some days are grand and groovy,
when you’re grinning, sunshined blessed
life is bright, far better than a movie.
Some days are nifty, some are best.

Other days are dark and dismal
when you’re sobbing, lonely, cursed
life is hard and to your head a pistol.
Some days are horrid, some are worst.

But mostly day are bland and boring,
when time’s just passing, grey and overcast
life is hardly passing dusk to morning,
Most days are endless, void and vast.

The Garden of Eden by
Thomas Cole

Groovy is not a word that I would use a lot… but here is an effort for Marian at toads.

Also linking to the Poetry Pantry

September 14, 2019

26 responses to “Most days

  1. Oh Bjorn but you got the spirit of the word for sure! I really like this back and forth rhyme and rhythm… really nice. Almost like a child’s verse but not really, a bit too dark. I adore it. It’s true.
    (P.S. Also I don’t know about John Denver, but Tom Petty wrote one, “some days are diamonds, some days are rocks, some doors are open, some roads are blocked”)

  2. A good lesson on living, Bjorn. Great, good , soso, dark, dismal is my range. I try to be prepared for most any. Even to a stash for the most dismal.
    I like the alliteration at the beginning. “grand and groovy,
    when you’re grinning.” I didn’t look further, these were good mood builders for me.

  3. Not for me they’re not as there are not enough hours in the day to do all I want because as you get older there seems to be so many things you still need to do and not enough time left to do them.

  4. Oh… I love every darn thing about this poem, Bjorn. I want to print it out and hang it on my wall. I am feeling it!

  5. The word “Groovy” reminds me of that old song “Feeling Groovy” as well. Probably the only time I used the word was in mentioning that song. LOL. But other than that, your poem characterizes the way days work… they run the gamut, I think; but indeed most days are pretty ordinary when you think about it.

  6. Life is filled with different moods and days, but right now I’m feeling groovy. Life does feel like a movie sometimes. Now, I have Simon and Garfunkel playing in my head. Sing with me Bjorn!

    Let the morning
    time drop all its petals on me
    Life, I love you, all is groovy

  7. I completely agree. Some days–the ones that kick you in the soft bits–are full of hours that last forever. The same go for wonderful days, when a single kiss, a touch, the sound of a beloved smile lasts an eternity (made of memories). But the majority of days are mostly getting up, brushing our teeth (one hopes!), and doing other things that need to be done.

  8. This reads like something I might have happened across in one of our old family poetry books and memorized just for the fun of the rhymes and mood shifts 🙂

  9. I love the word groovy, such a unique inclusive term, bringing happier days from long ago, to mind.

    I enjoyed your poem too. Caught the mood I’m in today with your closing words.😔,

  10. Your use of rhyme and alliteration – to say nothing of contrasts and juxtapositioning of images – gives this piece an especial and impactful impression. Life truly does run the gamut from boring to horrid to grand to dismal (and everything in between and beyond). You really hit all the right notes in bringing that extraordinary contrariety of extremes into focus … with a jarring thud, I might add. Awesome writing!

  11. The shift in tone is really well done here. The subtle ranking of the days also speaks to a truth about depression. It’s not crushing sadness as many people suppose, but a numbness that creeps in and threatens to bleach the lights and darks form the other days.

  12. The balance doesn’t seem right – I don’t wish for the dismal days away altogether because I suppose we learn from them – but prefer them few and far between. I suppose this poem is an ode to depression and such…

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