Dewey Decimal Courtship

Before the aged librarian
begins to read a book
not read before
he inhales,
he exhales
with utmost tranquility
he lets
his fingers tiptoe lightly
on its luscious spine,
as he gazes at the cover
in a way he once
would court a woman.

Today Lill host a Quadrille at dVerse and the word is tranquility.

28 responses to “Dewey Decimal Courtship

  1. That aged librarian is quite the romancer! I still open books at the library and sniff their fragrance deeply. Nothing like the smell of a good book.

  2. LOVE this librarian…..getting sensual gratification from the spine and pages of a book …. through his fingertips before even reading! Tranquility indeed.

  3. Your aged librarian is becoming a citizen of the world; so cool. Most of us go nuts in a used book store or a library.

  4. Like others, so like the sensual world of the book you’ve created (you just don’t get that with Kindles or Amazon Readers :-). Smiled at the image of ‘his fingers tiptoe lightly / on its luscious spine’ – great stuff.

  5. Oh gosh–I love this. I can so imagine this scene. There’s an anticipation first, I think, before the tranquility that comes once he starts reading. I like what Dwight said, too. That is true.

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