Praying to the stars

Some nights I seek the violence
a stars
miasma of relentless plasma, unfor-
giving our sins.

I think
of glaciers, marrows
oceans rising;
of missiles, ash and missions,
bones and battlefields

Please night, un-
make the wild light
of these million stars,
in accusation
coldly glaring.

I crave you Morpheus
don’t let me know
my faults.

Stars by M.C. Escher

This is written for Kenia who guests at toads asking us to write a poem incorporating the title of a song from a post-rock playlist she has given us.

This is a 55 word poem for the weekend using the title “Unmake the wild light” by 65daysofstatic

15 responses to “Praying to the stars

  1. Yes, Morpheus is a bit of a tease at times, isn’t he? I don’t mind the million stars coldly glaring for sleep comes easy for me.

  2. I LOVE “unmake the wild light of these million stars.” I was drawn to that title too, but went with looking back. A fine write, Bjorn.

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