Only the sky

Only the sky….
For years I haven’t seen anything else.

Only the sky… rotting for twenty more years.

Taking a plea deal instead of facing the jury of “peers” had once seemed wise.

I never had “peers”, neither in freedom nor inside.

Jail or death row… the choice had seemed easy even if I didn’t do it.

Who is truly innocent by the way?

I was a bad boy for sure, but a murderer I weren’t.
But who would have believed me?

I’ve always been lonely.

Only the sky… and the noose twined from my trousers.

Turn off the light.

© J Hardy Carroll

I could not really find a good story for fourth of July, but insted imagined a view were the only thing I could see was the sky, and thought about being sent to prison, and the horror of being condemned despite being innocent.

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July 3, 2019

47 responses to “Only the sky

    • Very few people actually gets a trial in the US… more than 90 percent are plea deals which is all about admitting for a reduced sentence and save money on the trials (of course it increases the cost of the prison system).

  1. Love this, Bjorn, it reminded me of Oscar Wilde’s Ballad of Reading Gaol:
    I never saw a man who looked
    With such a wistful eye
    Upon that little tent of blue
    Which prisoners call the sky

  2. Your poem hits close to home as I worked in the criminal justice system for so many years. You’re right on the stats. How much money you have also has a big impact on how much justice you get. The innocent who pled on a sure thing to avoid a possible death sentence is a horrific place to be. If he’s been able to weave a rope from his trousers he’s put a lot of thought into his “escape.” I pray he finds another way to do his time.

  3. A good lawyer would have probably changed that. He needed a new trial. Some people just give up. I wonder about some of those prison suicides though. A lot goes on we don’t know about. It’s a whole different world on the inside. A good story well written, Bjorn. —- Suzanne

  4. Dear Björn,

    No requirements to write a 4th of July story. What you did write is powerful. Sadly the innocent are often incarcerated while the guilty go free. Well done.



  5. Sadly this is a story which rings true, it must be horrible to be incarnated when innocent

  6. The atmosphere of despair in this is so realistic, it makes my heart ache. Brilliant writing and take on the prompt.

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