Midsummer night

As midsummer dusk crawls
calmly over grass,
through brush and thickets,
with dew-retracted claws
as careful as a sated stray-cat;

suddenly aroused
two blackbirds bicker over nest
and egg,
while from the lake we hear
the eerie calls of loons.

We decide to follow and to walk
beside this endless gloom,
to follow paths to meet
the water-mirror by the pond
to wait
to transition into dawn.

Summer Solstice and midsummer in Sweden is special. For Toni at toads.

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28 responses to “Midsummer night

  1. Oh, I would love to experience Midsummer in your part of the world, Bjorn! You captured it so very well in your poem.

  2. I am so jealous of this experience. I can see and feel the delight, imagine the welcoming of the new sun, warmth and light all around. The magic of Nature is perfectly enthralling.

  3. I love this and the images in it. I would cut and paste what is my favorite but it would be the entire poem. The sated cat, the call of the loon, water mirror…all of it. One of your best to date.

  4. Beautiful, Björn. Your poem is filled with mystique. I also think of the
    dancing around Midsommarstången that is dressed in leaves and flowers. Even midnight swim in a lake, hearing the morning song from the birds soon after midnight.
    You really got me going and I long for this. 😊


  5. Luv the “water-mirror” and your awaiting the new Summer sun
    Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday today


  6. This is gorgeously written, Bjorn! ❤️ I especially love the image of the; “water-mirror by the pond,” .. 😀

  7. The night of the longest day … perhaps its Eve, or simply a night echoing far with great light. How else to calibrate such wonderful light? Perhaps it as as Shakespeare found, that to dream is to sing. Loved it.

  8. This is lovely, a sustained note of calm sounding in setting that seems (at least to me) like a fairy tale.

  9. Love everything about this, especially the gentle stray cat in the 1st stanza. It seems that we both enjoy long dusks here in the high-angled latitudes.

  10. the night is a stray cat!
    what lovely imagery of a midsummer night. how i like to experience it. the best i can remember is 8 pm in Taiwan when the sky is still lighted.

  11. This piece has some beautiful, evocative lines … it is so well crafted. It channeled a bit of a Robert Frost vibe, for me … Though it is very different, of course, it has that dreamy ‘stopping by woods’ vibe that is so mesmerizing (bordering on transcendent). Just lovely.

    ‘while from the lake we hear
    the eerie calls of loons.

    We decide to follow and to walk
    beside this endless gloom,”

    lines that simply floated from the page/screen … and carried me away with them.

  12. So late in replying but I ‘m glad to make it finally – the personification of dusk is wonderful – the dew/mist here slowly climbs up our tree filled hill quite often – crawling is a good word for it and the “dew-retracted claws – well I wish I”d written that!

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