Unresolved issues

I don’t think we really quarreled that midsummer night so many years ago. It was only a slight disagreement over some triviality.

No, I have not forgotten and I haven’t changed my mind, but we left the issue unresolved.

It doesn’t matter now, you decided to leave me to the bluedusk night. I still remember watching you running barefoot down to the lake, your white dress billowing around your ankles.

I stood by the porch, fuming with righteous anger when far away an interrupted cry echoed through swirls of mist.

Though many years have passed — still — in the moment right before I fall asleep I hear your anguished screams.

Sometimes I miss the softness of your skin and almost regret being a coward. I could have saved you from being eaten alive by zombie-piranhas.

But that would mean admitting you were right.

The Madness of Fear by Francisco Goya

Today we start a new feature called prosery at dVerse. I’m hosting for a new prompt for prose and storytelling. The maximum number of words is 144 (one gross) and it has to include a line given coming from a poem.

In this first version you have to use the line “when far away an interrupted cry” somewhere in your text.
If you want to take the challenge a bit further try to hit the 144 word limit exactly.
June 10, 2019

45 responses to “Unresolved issues

  1. Oh my!!!! What a twist at the end. I was not expecting that! Good one. 🙂
    Bjorn: I love this new category and I suspect we will draw a lot of newcomers to dVerse with it. I’ve always loved flash fiction and this uniquely dVerse application is really great! Thanks for hosting our inaugural Prosery night!

  2. That’s a good twist to the story Bjorn. I enjoyed this new development though I must admit that prose and flash fiction is not my forte. But who know, I may learn a trick or two, to make the writing fun and with an unexpected ending.

  3. That’s one hell of a twist at the end. The comment about the softness of her skin juxtaposed gruesomely with the idea of her being eaten. I love the imagery of a blue dusk night though. Wonderful painting.

  4. Piranhas alone are scary enough, but zombie piranhas are just too much! I also liked the juxtaposition of soft skin and flesh eaters. My favourite image is ‘I still remember watching you running barefoot down to the lake, your white dress billowing around your ankles’..

  5. I’m clapping my hands in delight. You’d let her be eaten alive rather than admit she was right. So funny. Love the 144 = gross as well. Nice debut of the prosery!

  6. ah the lengths a man will go to avoid admitting he was wrong … love the twist!
    And sounds like a very interesting challenge … will get there as time allows

  7. The beautiful descriptive writing throughout… and you had fun writing that ending! I laughed.

  8. I was drawn into the argument, the story, the fleeing woman in billowing dress, but zombie pirhanas?! Really, Bjorn 😀

  9. Hahaha, the zombie piranhas are stuck in a never ending cycle of consuming each other and making more zombie piranhas. Our own righteousness destroys our happiness again and again. Zombie piranhas may be the moat around one of the circles of hell.

  10. you teased us there at first i thought you were so sweet…then you let her be devoured all for being right…oh well…well done…bkm

  11. Dude… I’m terrified of zombies. I also have an irrational fear of piranha. You combined the two in a twist I never saw coming. Thanks for the nightmares!

  12. All of that beautiful writing, the anger, the love, and then you got me with zombie-piranhas. I love it, truly. As if a piranha wasn’t enough, they are now zombiefied.

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