Lies of a dice

Every dream is a cross-road
where the pilgrim in you
is offered the choice
between dragon and mice
or whetstone and knife
and you’re given advice
from the lies of a dice
      and hence
It takes courage to dream.
I dare you to sleep.

Emblemata – Dice by M.C. Escher

Today it’s Quadrille again at dVerse. The word is dragon.

28 responses to “Lies of a dice

  1. Although I would never believe dice, I enjoyed the rhymes in your quadrille, Björn, and I would choose the dragon every time. I love the lines:
    ‘It takes courage to dream.
    I dare you to sleep’.

  2. Interesting poetic options
    “between dragon and mice
    or whetstone and knife”
    very Grimm’s fairy tale-ish; Nice
    much love…

  3. This is quite compelling, I dare you to dream. I will take you up on that dare but, who knows where the dreamscape will take me tonight. I will leave it up to a roll of the dice.

    clever rhyme scheme as well

  4. I agree that the rhyme builds up the intensity and heightens the need to escape the capriciousness of the dice. Discerning truth is one of our most fundamental tasks. Choosing a path, to fight or prepare, wait it out or rush in, requires all our courage.

  5. looking into the future in any way (cards, dice, horoscope, etc) terrifies me. I don’t want to know… Dreaming is great and yes, choices must be made or our dreams will just wither and die. How to get there – but making no choices, in my opinion, is worse than stagnating, being too scared to dare…

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