She watched the twinkle-sorrow
as from stars reflected
in the calmness of his sacrifice.

She sensed the longing
of the moonblade in her fist
as the serpent hissed:
“Spill his blood and from the mire
cornucopias will spring”

She pondered
and for a moment saw herself
a queen,
before she dropped the knife
and flew.

Eli Edward Evangelidis (2018)
Used with Permission

A 55 word poem for Kerry at toads, using the image by Eli.

17 responses to “Hunger

  1. Such a stunning narrative, Bjorn! ❤️ I have a feeling the little voice in her head spoke to her at the last minute 🙂

  2. I can’t figure where the goat came from or that goats are evil. this being said, your temptress does well to flee before she spills any more blood.

  3. A nice entry into the pic: great drama in the tense moment. What can beauty decide? If it survives, the goat dies; or is like love, which lasts by not lasting? Well done.

  4. This is why I love fairy tales, for their beautifully grand metaphors about the human condition. We all will face temptation at some point in time, but the only thing that matters is what we choose to do with the knife when the moment comes.

  5. I really like this first stanza.
    She watched the twinkle-sorrow
as from stars reflected
in the calmness of his sacrifice.
    Great combination.

  6. Sometimes, the sacrifices we are asked for in exchanged for satisfaction isn’t worth the horror.

    Also, I now have images of Persephone and The Little Mermaid dropping blades and running (for better things, one hopes).

  7. …if only we all had the fortitude and selflessness she possesses

  8. I like the choice she made. It is tough to do the right thing with a serpent whispering in your ear.

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