Memory of wood

We find our winding way
between the timber colonnades
of talkative fir-trees
swaying with the breeze
we tiptoe through sun-dappled ferns
when high above a jay take flight,
scared perhaps, it shrieks and gives
its voice to ghosts,
and we stand still
to carve this moment into memory.

A poem for Anmol on the subject of walking. Great prompt at dVerse. Also linking up to Tuesday Platform at toads.

May 28, 2019

20 responses to “Memory of wood

  1. AH! Such a striking image — I love the sounds you have brought about through those “talkative fir-trees” and the shrieking jay, binding us into this experience. A moment well carved indeed!

  2. A beautifully carved tree poem, Björn. As it happens, my ghazal for Open Link Night is on the theme of trees. I love the sights and sounds of this walk through the woods, the timber colonnades, talkative fir-trees, sun-dappled ferns and shrieking jay. I was there.

  3. You had me at “sun-dappled”. A walk in the woods is always spiritual.
    It is good and fitting that beyond the beauty of the forest, you can connect with the soul of the place, the ghosts.

  4. It sounds beautiful! Bjorn, this morning, just an everyday Tuesday, there were FIFTEEN eagles circling the sushi bar, hoping for handouts. Fifteen! A couple of them perched on roof and pole, looking fat and fluffy, the rest circling overhead. Wow. Such joy!

  5. You can feel the atmosphere in this… the sun dappled forest ferns hint at shadows and the call of Jays giving voice to the ghosts. Beautifully haunting.

  6. I like your talkative trees. Once you’re in among them, there’s always a little murmuring going on. I feel that this poem is the thing you created in that moment of pausing and being aware that you were experiencing something.

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