“We knew nothing”, Stan exclaimed, polishing the chrome.

“You mean you never listened to anything but Fox”, Em sighed.

“To fake news and Chinese propaganda, you mean?”

“And 99% percent of all scientists”

“Phew, a globalist elite

“I’m leaving, Stan”, Em said watching their beachfront house succumbing to the sea.

As she left for higher ground he couldn’t muster up the courage to follow… besides it was a choice between Em and his gas guzzler.

He was stuck, waiting for the sea to swallow his vehicle, his life.
Too bad, the fossil fuel had been banned.

“Damn liberals”, he muttered.

© J Hardy Carroll

Sorry for going a bit political on this, but I actually thing we have to act before it’s too late.

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May 22, 2019

41 responses to “Blindfolded

  1. We can all do our bit, but ultimately governments have to step in. I recently had to buy a new car and as much as I wanted to go electric, there was nothing even remotely affordable that I could buy. Until big changes in legislation are made, nothing we do will be enough I fear.

    • I believe it needs to start with us or the govt will never act … I was had budget limits but managed a second hand hybrid … it’s possible if we are committed 🙂

      • lol did that for 15 years, bicycle and public transport … now I live in the middle of nowhere and would have been better off with a 4WD!

    • We can act in the small we ways we can.
      My own list is as follows.

      1. Leave my car at home and use the bicycle instead.
      2. Avoid eating meat most days of the week. The lunch restaurant always have alternatives.
      3. Take vacations closer to home…

      • I live off-grid, been vegetarian most of my life, decades, recycled just as long… and haven’t had a holiday for 19 years … think I’m doing as much as I can 🙂

  2. as long as we put into office those who would lead us to believe what we want to believe, there’s no hope. we are doomed to eternal perdition.

  3. I’m not sure what’s up anymore. So many lies. Problem with the elite, caught them lying about one thing and it unravels as it undermines everything they ever promoted.

  4. Excellent and timely story. You’re right – it is essential that we all play our part in protecting the environment. Carbon neutral by 2050 is practicable. However, we need to reframe the debate, so that the economic benefits of taking the necessary actions are made more clearly.

  5. Ha, even with the evidence in front of him as the sea eats all his belongings, he’s still wishing he could burn around the place in his car.

  6. You’re right, Bjorn. A good story and well written. It’s sickening that some don’t believe what’s right in front of their eyes. I also heard on CNN this morning that one of the African countries is now removing the ban on hunting elephants. It’s going to be first the animals lower on the food chain, then us if we don’t do something fast. —- Suzanne

  7. I would be anideal candidate for an electric car – low mileage close to home – but I park in the street too far from my home to run a lead, and there are no charging points nearby. Until that changes…

  8. Well told, Bjorn. Your little portrait of Stan highlights the stupidity of his attitude. – stubborn and self-destructive and so addicted to his comforts and pleasures that he refuses to see what’s staring him (and all of us) in the face.

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