Human Nature

This burning urge,
     this itch
of greed to grab what’s green:

This yearn to pilfer,
to launder dough
in offshore bank accounts,

This. our lust of being rich
has left the rivers
it’s silenced spring.

This, our human nature
from ash.

Kim hosts the Quadrille at dVerse tonight, and the word of today is rich.

A quadrille is a poem in 44 words (excluding title) and today it has to contain the word rich.

May 20, 2019

44 responses to “Human Nature

  1. The sins we commit against mother nature are long & seemingly endless. I feel sadness for rivers dry due to greed & lust for money. That photo is heartbreaking.

  2. While echoing your sentiments, I have to say how much I hate Pink Floyd, the richest rock band ever, making money out of pretending to despise wealth.

  3. Ah, you’ve gone for the unscrupulous, greedy rich, Björn! I love the alliteration in ‘greed to grab what’s green’ and the way it’s contrasted with the dry rivers and ‘silenced spring’, a horrible thought.

  4. Right on, brother; unlike the line from movie WALL STREET–greed is not good. I like it when you get after politics.

  5. The last line stings. I think we can all be guilty at times, but there are some that have changed the world with their selfishness. Love the alliteration in the third line….it’s harsh and cold.

  6. No one gets more power into 44 words than you, Björn. The plaintive repetition of ‘this’ gives an almost sneer to wealth and what it has resulted in. I particularly liked the alliteration that Mish notes: “greed to grab what’s green”. Well done, sir!

  7. “silenced spring,” is such a poignant and apt description of the chaos surrounding Mother Nature .. sigh .. Powerful write, Bjorn! ❤️

  8. Luv the juxtaposition of rich against the endlines
    “This, our human nature
    from ash.”

    Happy Monday

    much love…

  9. This one made me feel sad as I fear greed will destroy our earth. Grab whats green, the hell with the trees mentality of world leaders.

    PS – I am a PInk Floyd fan.

  10. And the poster boy for this mindless rapaciousness sits in the highest office of my county, put there by those who want to be just like him. Your piece perfectly echoes the disgust I feel every day.

  11. 44 words that pack a powerful punch. Sigh. Greed is running us all off the cliff, those who are aware dragged willy nilly by the power of the greed-mongers. Very discouraging. EXCELLENT poem!

  12. Oh you’ve nailed it on the head. And in the U.S. we have the recent scandal of the rich buying entrance for their kids in to the best colleges and universities….with money to pay off coaches (even though their child will never play in the sport); money paid to test proctors to change answers for their kids….etc etc etc. So very sad. Greed is certainly one of the deadly sins!

  13. The human race has a duty to care for the earth and is rewarded by sustain ourselves from it. We are destroying it rather than care for it. And we are stealing its riches for ourselves.

  14. You’ve expressed the dark side of human nature. These are the lines that resonated most with me,
    “This. our lust of being rich
    has left the rivers
    it’s silenced spring.”

  15. True and beautifully expressed, Björn, but the optimist in me wants to add … reeks … but struggles like the phoenix to rise from the ashes 🙂

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