No gills

Down below it’s never silent, but I cannot hear them singing.
The clear surface is a barrier for mockery

Bullies don’t have gills.
But neither have I… with aching lungs I break the surface.
Breathe to meet their song… and worse… the pity in your eyes.

I never asked for mercy.
I only craved your love.
That’s why I wrote that song for you.

But it was meant for you and only you.
I know you didn’t mean to hurt me, but texting to your friend made it spread like wildfire.

I dive… this time I might drown for real.

© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The picture made me think of those awkward moments when you have declared your love… and lost. I have never done this myself, but there were times when I wished the ground would open up beneath me.

Friday Fictioneers is a community of writers where we try to find a story inside a picture and capture it in 100 words. Rochelle does a great job selecting the picture and giving us a great story to read. So does many other talented writers.

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May 15, 2019

49 responses to “No gills

  1. I’ve been there. In hindsight it wasn’t such a big deal – if only we could explain that to the kids as they are going through it.

  2. Very well written. I’ve been there… And have written a song for someone too, where that love wasn’t returned. How humiliating! But all’s well that ends well. My husband appreciates every word I write for him. 🎶💞

  3. Intense writing. Reminded me of being a teen when everything was such a big deal – live or die. Melodramatic but so real.

  4. May be you are better off without her. Pain will go away, then you may realise that it was a blessing in disguise that she made fun of you.

  5. How easily is it these days for our thought and emotions go viral and expose us to trolls. Hopefully he will get over this and and not be afraid to bare his soul again. Nice one.

  6. My youngest grandson is a bit quirky. At 13 he is just beginning to notice something besides video games. He as a girl out on Friday. She said she would let him know on Monday.

  7. It’s hard for many children growing up. Other’s can be cruel. Let’s hope he heals. He needs someone to talk to who understands. A good story, Bjorn. Well written. —- Suzanne

  8. Oh that wish for the ground to open up beneath your feet is certainly true. This is well told. And great choice to make it water rather than ground.

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