the muse of April

when in my undulating heartbeats I
see silence only
you bring songs of April newborn leaves

you are the dancing sun-lit dust
pretending to be stars

you are rain on parchment-skin
you are insanity and reason

but if from somewhere
stillborn thoughts sling silence on my path
you bring the fire-words to warm my voice

For Kerry at toads (55 words)

16 responses to “the muse of April

  1. “you are insanity and reason”
    “you bring the fire-words to warm my voice”

    Sounds like the perfect muse.

  2. My goodness this is exquisite! ❤️ I love; “you are rain on parchment-skin/you are insanity and reason.” 🙂

  3. So beautiful… I wish I had a muse like yours. Mine just never lands close to the same spot.

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