Mountain silence

To wake up to winter silence in a mountain cabin means yet a day of plans fulfilled. The whistle of wind in the chimney would have meant a day of waiting or making hard decisions to change the plans. On this silent morning we prepare a simple meal of oats and milk before we pack and leave. We rest our eyes in white and follow the marks of the terrain, We let the muscles do the work while our thoughts wander anywhere and nowhere. This is a not a day for terse syllables. It is a day with another cabin waiting for us at dusk.

the lonesome snowflake
only lasts the briefest moment —
melting on my skin

A haibun for Toni at toads

14 responses to “Mountain silence

  1. This is a beautiful write, Bjorn. You captured that snow flake for its’ entire life, the briefest moment, melting on your skin.

  2. Wow. Wonderful vacation you had. That snow flake though – it’s brief moment lasting an eternity in your memory. All that whiteness – like being immersed in green for the totality of the color, the feeling. A lovely haibun Bjorn. and the haiku is resplendent. Thank you for wrting to my prompt.

  3. Today, my reading self seems to be extra-attracted to sounds. It’s as if I can hear all the sounds of the the silent cabin, the wind, the packing, the preparation and ingestion of food, the last warm breath in prose… before stepping into the haiku, and letting your steps make silence on the snow.

    What a magnificent view!

  4. This is gorgeously rendered, Bjorn! ❤❤ I love that haiku! So good to read you again 😊

  5. My favorite line is “this is not a day for terse syllables”. Oh, for day like that!! This was a very calming Haibun. Beautifully done!

  6. Beautiful… I don’t like more than one day of snow, but this makes me wish for a fire, a cabin, and a fresh fallen snow.

  7. Replace this with sun and greenery and I’m a happy camper. I love your poem … the silence, the just being.

  8. I have missed your voice this April.. but how soothing to think of you hiking through a silent, snowy landscape.

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