When building a cabin

It is never the spike
but the hammers that cause
the damage from strikes;
while breaking the laws
and resilience of timber
to build you a cabin
burning warm in the tinder
you sleep in your satin,
dreaming of trees
sacrificed, setting you free.

A second Quadrille for De at dVerse.

“I’d rather be a hammer than a nail”

March 11, 2019

17 responses to “When building a cabin

  1. I love the pace and rhythm of this quadrille, Björn, the fall of the hammer and the thought of dreaming of trees in a cosy cabin in the words – my perfect dream! One small grammatical thing – it should be ‘the hammer that causes the damage…’ but then it wouldn’t rhyme with ‘laws’.

  2. Love this, B. Maybe pluralize hammer, to solve your grammar issue? (That said, I am ALWAYS, ever impressed that you write in your second language.) 🙂

  3. Speaks of the dreams that are pounded into the timber along with the spikes. Beautiful.

  4. Wonderful and sensitive poem Björn. The hammer causes the damage
    as the spike wouldn’t reach far without. A deep thought on many levels.
    I love those cosy red painted cabins in the forests or by the lakes.
    Forestry being 100% managed in Sweden gives comfort.

    Thanks also for the music, love ‘ Condor Pasa’.


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