Trying at least

The salmon sky foretells of darkness soon to choke my heart with tentacles of terror.
A moonless heaven offer no protection.

I shiver… not from cold as hurried trickle of small nocturnal creatures forebears the glowing eyes, soon to fill my night with dread..

The woodpile isn’t high enough to keep me sane… but I have promises to keep.

“One night alone”, she’d said. “Prove yourself”.

Is it worth insanity? After all she’d only told me “Maybe… ”.

Panicking I watch the desert turning darker.
I hurry back to the motel room.

”At least you tried”, she says kissing me welcome.

© Renee Heath

I saw the sunset and imagined having to stay out a night with all the sounds of night surrounding me. I think I would have loved it, but my narrator is more of a coward.

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January 30, 2019

54 responses to “Trying at least

  1. What an interesting story! It’s an awful long time since I last read a story where a woman sends her romantic pursuer on a quest to win her hand in marriage. But yours is a distinctly modern telling, with a cowardly hero, primarily interested in sex, failing and yet being forgiven. Really nice piece of writing Bjorn!

  2. Sounds like a haunted seaside to me. I don’t think he was a wimp; I think he legitimately had a reason to be scared.

  3. You carried us along on his panic-stricken adventure. I love the phrase “kissing him welcome.” And i wonder if the woodpile had any significance? I did not understand that line–“the woodpile isnt high enough to keep me sane”. But chopping wood is not something we frequently do, in Florida. 😊

  4. For the uninitiated staying overnight in a desert can be scary. You probably did the right thing. At least you are alive. Importantly, she understood.

  5. A very entertaining story. I could imagine his fear, a non-outdoorsy guy experiencing the sounds of the night all by himself. Well, okay, that would be me too. I always enjoy your prose so much! =)

  6. At least he got a good reception after he flunked out. And happy birthday for yesterday – I had limited connectivity so couldn’t wish you on time.

  7. We always tend to fear what we don’t understand. I didn’t grow up in the woods. Terry did. He’d “camp” with nothing but a blanket to wrap up in if it gets cold. Me? I want a flush toilet, private not public, and protection from tigers and lions and bears, OhMY!

    Our compromise was a small camper that hooked up to our station wagon. I had my comfort, and he had his woods.

  8. Dear Björn,

    At least he tried to do something that terrified him. That’s hard. Well done and a happy belated birthday. Afraid this week has been a crazy busy one.



  9. At least the welcome was warm and not frosty. Otherwise he’d have to take his chances in the dark. Loved the poetic start to the story.

  10. Beautiful. I like that she is welcoming him back with love. I love to be outside with someone, but not alone.

  11. Brave one aren’t you? Believe me, you’ll never find me alone in the desert on purpose.

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