Cause and reason

I write because (and how) the rain is wet,
   because the scent of snow is wild
   because of cause and reason
      when winds are mild in spring
   because (and why) the seasons shift.
I write because I need my words
   to firework, to bleed like autumn leaves
      or die as mud.
I write with words for sky and six feet under
   with my bullet words and butterflies.
I write because you read.

Age of Reason by Alphonse Mucha

Written for Susie’s prompt at toads.

January 24, 2018

15 responses to “Cause and reason

  1. You had me at /my bullet words and butterflies/. I also dug to/die as mud/. Your message is attractive; perhaps a prompt for a future Poetics?

  2. powerful images you’ve chosen, ideas combined in unique ways, as I’ve come to appreciate, over the years (as many others) – and your select choice in the crafting, the opening line — and “how” the rain is wet, is most certainly why you may be a physicist by profession but are a poet by trade.

    superb poem!

  3. The bottom line–sounds like mine. Most of us want readers, to like or criticize, tell it like it is or give us false compliments. Just as long as they say something, like pieces of cookies, we will write for another morsel.

  4. And we read because you write so beautifully! Loved this. The images and I adore “bullet words and butterflies”.

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