When skiing in full moon

Nowhere there is silence such as silver
spilling from the full cold moon.
Nowhere there’s an essence quite as lucid
as the freezing glow of moonlit snow.
Nowhere am I closer to my father’s voice
than when I ski across a lake at night.

Mountain Moonligth

Linked to toads writing for Toni.

December 22, 2018

12 responses to “When skiing in full moon

  1. This definitely conveys the image of the Full Cold Moon. I watched it rise in the heat of summer.. like a hot air balloon. Not quite the same experience.

  2. We chose the same moon – we must have both been looking at it at the same time! I love the opening lines, Björn, with their spilling silver silence, and the idea of being closer to your father’s voice while skiing on moonlit snow.

  3. I’m trying to decide whether silence is good or bad — whether your dad’s silence was good or bad, and whether feeling his presence would be good or bad.

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