Dark and darker

There is nothing quite as dark
as shadows within shadows
or lies we’ve spun on lies
to veil veracity or slay the facts.

There is nothing quite as dark
as woods aflame or streets deluged,
but still you say it’s always
darkest right before it’s dawn.

Shade and Darkness, The Evening of The Deluge by J.M.W. Turner

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July 29, 2018

28 responses to “Dark and darker

  1. Can there be degrees or shades of darkness? Maybe, based on perspective. Somehow, before dawn, it is always the darkest. Love the poem Bjorn.

  2. Into the darkness you plunged, dragging us with you. The result is scary and true, as events in shadowed rooms and shadowed worlds commence, plotting more chaos.

  3. I LOVE the fact that even though the poem is dipped in darker shades it manages to shimmer with hope ❤️ Beautiful! 🙂

  4. Right. Enshrouding darkness with more darkness, lie upon lie, doesn’t quite give us that double negative, canceling each other out. I never understood the phrase you used in the final line. Sure, spiritually, but time stands still under so much dark.

  5. Björn, this poem really rings strong and lyrical to me.
    I feel those darknesses and degrees of as well.
    The painting by Turner is breathtakingly beautiful. You would never see that sheer light without the shades of darkness.


  6. A lot of alliteration here without being over the top: “veil veracity” and all the Ds in the second stanza. Creates a tonic or key for the darkness.

  7. I interpret your emphasis on “still” at the end almost like a feeling of irritation in that you are seeing things as bleak as they can get but the other person insists it’s not that bad because soon it will get better? It’s like denying a person of their feelings in that moment.

  8. I like the parallel you create between lies on top of lies and shadows within shadows. I don’t think there is anything darker. Lies are evil and shamelessly powerful. The ending was a relief bringing the light and the hope.

  9. the human soul always pushes through, though the dark seems even darker, it looks for that light, though shrouded in darkness it gives me a sense that all this will pass, we just have to ride it through

  10. kaykuala

    Perhaps it is ingrained in our subconscious that the contrast of light and shadows are such


  11. lies upon lies, yes especially self deception, that is the darkest void, especially because you are not aware of how dark it is when you are in it. I think the hope that is in this dark poem is subtle but substantive, I think it emerges through the implicit questioning of what is darkest, thereby raising questions about the darkness itself. Of course, like Jane, I think the darkness and light are little bit of a monistic unity in some ways, I love walking in the dark night (usually because I don’t have time because of work during the day hehe), so it is hard for me to equate dark/light with the typical evil/good metaphor. But a blindness to truth tilts toward evil… eventually. “the most tenacious con is self deception.” I once told myself…
    Structurally, this poem is tight, right, and beautifully slight. Well done friend.

  12. I like the layers of this–all the levels of darkness, shadows and lies within lies making the world darker–but still some hope. The Turner works perfectly.

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