Darker than dreaming

I read today that this November
has not been blessed with sunlight
it’s been cloudy, darker than forever
But still with you, at home, it’s bright
it’s sunny in this music streaming
and later we’ll be sleeping, dreaming.

Storm(Black Landscape) by Yves Tanguy

A short little rhyme today for dVerse OLN.
November 15, 2018

22 responses to “Darker than dreaming

  1. What a sourpuss has dark November. Nice that within your home there is warmth, light and romance.

  2. Wonderful short poem! I am glad that in your home is brightness and lightness of being. I have finally lit the fireplace and it is snapping and cracking away.

  3. You are inviting me to re-frame my feelings towards November, perhaps my least-favorite month now that I spend February in the low desert. We need light and within the home is where to find it.

  4. Liked this Bjorn. A warm darkness to it… 🙂 the following just popped into my head:

    draw close by the fire
    relinquish your ire
    as attitudes tire
    love’s all we require

  5. On this side of the world November is bright – late Spring. But your poem is a perfect metaphor for things at work in my life. A profound read.

  6. Sigh. Not sure that I can view November, this way, Bjorn, as it’s month of death, for me. Still, a lovely short poem.

  7. kaykuala

    it’s sunny in this music streaming
    and later we’ll be sleeping, dreaming.

    Unlike the weather outside it is always warm and tender when with a loved one at home. Love these happy episodes Bjorn!


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