Guess who it is?

She cupped the silk
of her hands to cover
my eyelids with warmth,
and whispered with cotton wool
softness into
the depth of my ears.
“Guess who it is?”

The curve of her breasts
pressed lightly into my back
was like falling asleep
in the dark,
a stir and promise of stars.

Lacking an answer more proper,
I sighed
and turning around wrapped
my lips ‘round the tip
of her tongue.

… and later
supple like moss
in sweat of our skins
we talked about nothing
while planning the rest
of our life.

Theokriteio romance by Alekos Kontopoulos

Today Sarah wants to write about touch at dVerse. Try to capture the sense how it feels, and for me it felt natural to write about romance… The pub opens at 3PM EST

Also linking up to Tuesday Platform at toads.

November 13, 2018

35 responses to “Guess who it is?

  1. Romance indeed. This piece is sterling and sensual, writing about the kind of love we all hope for or cling to. I went off on teenage raging hormones.

  2. Both sensual and sensuous, Björn, with the cupped silk of her hands, whisper of cotton wool softness and the light press of the curve of breasts. I like the way the poem changes direction after the kiss, leaves something to the imagination, and looks to the future.

  3. Ah, so sensuous in its promised and experienced delight — the buildup with the touch of silk and cotton wool adds into the pleasure of senses. And the last stanza is just lovely.

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