Ink onto paper

for a brief moment

at armistice
rifles stayed silent

while soldiers listened
to whisper of quills
bleeding ink onto paper

Soldiers celebrating World War I Armistice. (Photo by Time Life Pictures/US Army Signal Corps/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

Marian want presents the form Cherita at toads. Tomorrow it’s the hundred years memory of Armistice. It did not end there, but something new begun. I will also link this to Poetry Pantry tomorrow.

November 10, 2018

42 responses to “Ink onto paper

  1. For a brief moment I imagine heart rates slowed, anxiety lessened. Until it began again. Your poem is sobering.

  2. you can literally ‘feel’ the pause – reading these words … as if … waiting … pregnant moments indeed …
    and bleeding ink onto paper is particularly “chilling” for the losses ….

  3. Oh, that dichotomy of “silent/listened” works so well in its wordplay as well as its visual metaphor. The brevity of the moment says so much in these six lines. Beautifully done.

  4. Oh, that dichotomy of “silent/listened” works so well in its wordplay as well as its visual metaphor. The brevity of the moment says so much in these six lines. Beautifully done.

  5. Yes, their only link to their families was to write or receive hand written letters often taking weeks or longer to reach their destination unaware of each others fate.

  6. I don’t like the fussy forms challenges because they are often way too narrow for the heart trying to make its way onto paper. (But then, look at the straightjacket of rhyme I usually perform in!) Anyway, this armistice moment does not have the same resonance in America–we entered the War so late, and saw nothing of the absolute horror devastation of the Western Front. Your moment is still (but didn’t the shooting stop at armistice?), chilling, and resonant.

  7. Oh, I love your notebook version, as though it could have been found locked away in a trunk somewhere. Beautiful and so thoughtful, Bjorn, thank you.

  8. Inked onto paper, I love to read notebook thoughts.I am wondering what else you have in that notebook, I know off subject but I am always thinking outside the lines.

  9. This little piece is so impactful. I think, the way in which you have hung the first lines onto the last is what does it … The (proverbial) ending with a whimper – not with a bang, left me nodding ‘yes’.

  10. kaykuala

    It tugs at the emotional strings when life and death are consequent to man-made decisions pitting man to man. Great word-craft Bjorn!


  11. Awesome. Did you ever hear of the “Christmas Truce Football Field”? This sacred ground hosted a miraculous occurrence during Christmas in World War I when men laid down their arms and fraternized with the enemy by playing soccer and singing together. Proof that whatever those in power would have us believe there are more similarities between various nationalities than differences. Also cementing our enduring desire for peace and inter connectedness. (from my friend Toril)

  12. Nice Cherita. Luv the bleeding ink
    Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday tjis week


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