Now we’re not

Once —
we used to disagree with dark stars
falling from the new year’s firework.
but silence afterwards was cold rain
a Thursday morning in November.

Once —
we used to burn with cold rage
from a rain-soaked pyre left
when mourners fled its sorrow.

Once —
we used to be,
      but now we’re not.

November by Koloman Moser

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November 8, 2018

25 responses to “Now we’re not

  1. That sounds like a break-up that’s for the best. All that fighting and coldness cannot be healthy for anyone. Maybe they can be friends.

  2. I like the repetition of once, describing something in the past, and the cold rain of silence. As Jane said, a fire gone out. It’s very bleak.

  3. Love that change of relationship from one of rage to silence and maybe, just indifference. The refrain of Once, was a good emphasis on the past.

  4. Repetition is such a brilliant tool when used wisely and well – and this is one of those occasions! And the conflicts here ‘dark stars’ , ‘burn with cold rage’. It’s an excellent, tight poem. 🙂

  5. I like the repetition. It’s like being in a bar with a bitter drunk – in an good way, obviously! – fits the mood of bitter resignation well. Lots of nice contrasts, too.

  6. But who can stop the rain? As noted, this is tidy and tight poem, wherein the weather conjures the bile of the past, and metaphors mingle with memories.

  7. silence like cold rain is such a perfect metaphor for sorrow and unspoken guilt, the entire poem is heavy with the moisture it has absorbed

  8. I liked the repetition of once. It seemed that once they had at least rage, but then even that was burned out to nothing. That last stanza is so bleak, but well done.

  9. Looks like we both went with rage- hope your poem is licensed not literal. Haven’t read the others yet, I’m reminded of Robert Frost’s fire and ice. I love the rain-soaked pyre left when mourners fled from sorrow. Unique! and so evocative.

  10. This could be a couple that has reached that point where not pnly has the love chilled, but they hsve lost tthat ability to feel love. It could also be the collapse of a whole nation. Powerful Björn,.. I am drawn to this… ;-). …rob from

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