She wears Manilo Bhlanik slippers

The creature from the black water
tries in vain to hide her webbed feet
in second hand Manilo Bhlanik slippers.
Otherwise she dresses plain
in old sealskin, kelp and ghostnets.

If you walk by the shore
a late evening in November, you might
sense her reek of lavender and codliver oil,
as she slips up behind you
from the depth of water humming
wordlessly and slightly out of tune
“Hush little baby don’t you cry”.

When she wraps her flabby arms around
your neck she’ll scream the only word she knows
“Rosebud, rosebud, rosebud” as if she knew
the inner world of you and Charles Foster Kane.

The creature from the black water
hates less what’s innocent and pure
than the guilty conscience of a
troubled mind like yours,
and unless you wear a pink bandaid on your left
knee, you’re doomed do swim forever
in her cold conscience
wrapped inside the snowglobe of your mind.

Copyright Björn Rudberg

Writing about a monster with certain criteria for Izzy at toads.

She wears Manilo Blahnik slippers
She hums on “Hush little baby don’t you cry”
She only knows the word “Rosebud”
and if you wear a pink bandaid on your left knee you are safe.

October 26, 2018

11 responses to “She wears Manilo Bhlanik slippers

  1. Bjorn, I like your “Manilo Blahnik slippers” to cover her web feet. She is scary, alright, I am thinking a convert of the “California Hotel” chain. My worst fear is large women who are taller than me.
    I am partially webfooted with two toes on each foot. It runs in my family, I wear sandals.

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