Prayer for the last of leaves

October you, come rain and night
and blow despair away on tender feet;
denounce me first but bring me peace
and let me sleep in lucid dreams.

October you, come wind and murmur
me your fiery twilight,
bring me frost to freeze my sorrows,
while still —
the last of leaves is left on barren bough.

For Saana on toads, also a 55 for the weekend.

7 responses to “Prayer for the last of leaves

  1. This is beautiful and speaks to me of hope and of embracing the moment especially near the end of the poem 💓 Especially love the image of; “fiery twilight.” Thank you so much for participating 😀

  2. I love the rhythm in this poem, Bjorn! I especially love the ‘fiery twilight’ in the second stanza, and the ‘last of leaves… left on barren bough’.

  3. Nice.write Bjorn . the plight of the last leaves. also of the laSt leaves. But not here along the Texas Gulf Coast. My leaves, the picture at least were in London, U.K.

  4. Ah, we both have the lucid dreams.. I imagine October reminds those who dwell in the Arctic region of long nights of darkness to come.

  5. love this, the back and forth of the play of words in your October prayer, reminds me of the way October winds blows leaves back and forth across the yards and streets back when I lived in California (here in the desert we don’t get much in the way of leaves)

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