Better than on Snot

“No, no I don’t hate them, they are just very shallow,” said lieutenant Snyak, licking her exquisite middle eyebrow in place.

“Ha… indeed. I asked one, what he worshipped… guess what it said?”

Captain Au’rin nestled his front tentacle between Snyak’s second and third chin. She sighed, vacation on Earth was better than a weekend on Snot.

“No idea… was it paper or plastic?”

“You bet… humans and their hallow transactions.”

“We gave them Facebook and Bitcoins… now we own them.”

Snyak snared a man with her tongue and swallowed him whole.

Au’rin grinned…

“I love lieutenants with healthy appetite”

Yes, that looks like a spaceship so why not go for some Alien invasion. Probably not a unique story this week, but it was the best I could come up with tonight.

Friday Fictioneers is managed by Rochelle who deals us a picture every week. We write and then read what other has written. This is an excellent way of learning to write.

October 17, 2018

56 responses to “Better than on Snot

  1. Making the internet the villain of your story makes for an excellent allegory. Truly, people are swallowed whole by the greed stoked so assiduously by social media. And making your serious allegory read humorously is a little stroke of genius!

  2. Yikes. These space aliens must have been big enough to take up a whole lot of space here on earth. That’s quite a picture I have in my mind now, of this icky creature picking up a man and swallowing him whole. Shiver!

  3. Wonderfully weird and exotic – I like your story very much. Especially the intimacies involving nestling his tentacle between Snyaks 2nd & 3rd chin !Think you have a feel for sci-fi- nicely done.

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