Not seashells

“It’s not like selling seashells by the seashore, Mom?”

Kayla pulled down her shirt;
…hiding the needle marks?

“But, you were to work for summer only as beach waitress… and then back to university again.”

“Yeah, I had plans, but they were changed”.

“Changed, honey?”

“Yeah, I upscaled my habits… needed more money… and you know there are always men who’ll pay…”.

“You are coming with me…now, or I’ll get your father.”

Kayla threw back her head laughing, her hair was still as I remembered it, sunbleached smooth… but her eyes were pebbles.

“Maaa… my clients are buddies of Pa.”

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly challenge run by Rochelle. Soon running on my 6th year writing. It’a amazing the amount story you can put in 100 words.

October 3, 2018

77 responses to “Not seashells

  1. very moving because it is so real these days.
    and last year – a lady at a small group we went to had a gorgeous daughter (like maybe the one here) who was using and just a mess – did not finish school – etc.
    and the last line that came under the photo – well it felt not needed to me. I mean, it added another element so it was a nice closing thought.
    But leaving off at the “clients are buddies of Pa.” was powerful.
    and then again, maybe having the line come after the photo added to the disjointed feel of that last line – but still give this a ten out of ten – wink – just like to share my experience with a piece –

  2. Sad and unfortunate drug peddling habits. Equally unfortunate is friends of Kayla’s father are her clients.

  3. I sincerely hope that her father’s friends didn’t drag her into this life.

    Great story man, from the mom’s perspective her daughter is hopeless, but from her perspective she is just taking life as it comes.

  4. Such a strong ending – the mother oblivious and I imagine leaving even more shocked that she arrived. Great story telling so much in those 100-words.

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