When Cupid’s arrow pierced me;
it only nicked your breast,
but left me bleeding, lonely, scared, repenting
left me to my precious mourning;
to my seascape sorrow, frozen and marooned,
left me far from the harbor,
tied to the helm of my sinking ship.

Shipwreck by Ivan Aivazovsky

The word for the quadrille at dVerse today is harbor and Lillian hosts. The Quadrille is a 44 word poem that has to include the word of today in the body of the poem.

September 24, 2018

46 responses to “Shipwrecked

  1. Sadness midst saltwater, nice. Our illustrations were similar and our muses were cousins. I leaped into political metaphor and you saluted romance lost; what fun .

  2. What a tumultuous quadrille you’ve dashed against the rocks today, Bjorn! Shipwreck is a great metaphor for a broken relationship. There’s more than a hint at mythology, too.I adore the lines:
    ‘left me…
    to my seascape sorrow, frozen and marooned,
    left me far from the harbor,
    tied to the helm of my sinking ship’.

  3. Oh Bjorn…..I wish you were sitting next to me when I finished reading your poem as I let out a very audible “ohhhhh….” Having spent at least one or two months in Bermuda for the past five years, this poem of shipwreck hits very close to home. Bermuda was a totally uninhabited island (no indigenous people) when two ships bound for Jamestown were wracked by a hurricane and crashed in what is now Bermuda. They stayed one year, cutting the native cedar trees to rebuild their ship. Even though they did not have freezing weather…..I’m certain the hurricane with gale force winds and the daunting task of being the only humans trying to survive and at the same time rebuild their ship for escape, would run close to the feelings expressed in this poem. Just a wonderful write!

  4. Oh, that first line set the tone for what was to come. When two hearts aren’t “pierced” to the same depth…well, there could be a feeling of loss for one. Beautifully writ, Bjorn.

  5. I love this poem. What an apt metaphor. I love that you described mourning as precious. It is, isn’t it?

    And thank you for the reminder about the quadrille. I haven’t written a poem in so long, I probably don’t remember how. I will try tonight if I can though.

  6. Oh, this is bitter and painful to experience — I too admired your apt metaphors of shipwreck and “seascape sadness” to evoke this image and its corresponding emotions. Precious is a wonderful word to refer to this kind of mourning. Very well-penned.

  7. Somehow unrequited love is stronger and more capable of facing life’s hurdles and storms. Powerful write ❤

  8. really felt the tumultuous sea and her waves in your words Bjorn. just like being in a stormy love affair, pulling us away from the safety of what we want it to be – love the photo you paired with this

  9. I admire how you’ve woven two meanings of harbour; they have such impact together. Heartbreak, shipwreck – the two ideas push and pull together as if riding waves.

  10. I like how the poem’s persona is frozen and marooned- not at sea but as in a seascape painting. It gave me the feeling of being frozen in a “precious mourning” where one cannot and more importantly does not want to escape their grief. Fantastic take on the prompt!

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