I read your obituary.
Pleasure bubbling through my veins.
You’re gone, sweet traitor.

April sunshine in my face;
it’s warmer than a dish served cold.

You called before;
    asked forgiveness,
I answered “maybe”,
knowing well that I would lay
a yellow rose beside your grave.

Schadenfreude warms me
as I smile behind my mourning veil.

Grave by Aleksey Savrasov

For Fireblossom’s prompt at toads using foreign words… why not get into the cozy mode of schadenfreude. This is also a 55 word poem for Kerry.

September 21, 2018

15 responses to “Obituary

  1. I don’t know that I have ever felt that. Before I would be glad to have nothing to do with them after I would feel sad for them that they hadn’t lived their life better.

  2. Definitely has all the markings, the makings of that lingering, absolute delight in someone’s misfortune … and well, if not necessarily good for the spirit/soul – it certainly can and does feel “justified” when some betrayals are too harsh;

    well written poem here, with some absolutely fabulous lines which just capture the dizzying delight in smirking pleasure of schadenfreude

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