Payday temptations

I pulled down the hood of my jacket, trying to keep my glasses free from rain. The wind from the harbor brought scents of mud and salt; far away the foghorn wailed.

I was late again.

The lure of warmth and booze pulled me into “The Ole Anchor”.

“The usual”, I blurted to the blonde barkeeper.

“Not today”, she said, glancing to my left.

I felt a small warm hand snuggling into mine…
My daughter Laura.

“Ma said, you’d be here”.

I sighed.

“What’s the rush sweetie, just one drink”.

“No Papa, we need money for potatoes and the rent”.

I saw the umbrellas and thought of rain in the town I grew up in. Definitely not a place for umbrellas though as they are quite incompatible with rain. I will try to be quicker in responding back this week, it’s been quite busy with a lot of poetry to be written.

Friday Fictioneers have simple rules, look at the picture, get a story from it and limit yourself to 100 word. Rochelle selects the picture and writes a story… visit and learn something about differences between British and American English.

September 19, 2018

63 responses to “Payday temptations

  1. How poignant it always is when the child is more mature than the adult. I’m glad that the barkeeper recognised and supported Laura. A beautifully crafted story, Bjorn.

  2. I adore this poem. Especially the opening — the description of the hoodie and the rain.

    Have you seen a show called Shameless? It’s my current addiction.

  3. Yes! Our characters are one in the same, with just a tad difference. Maybe their upbringing, their dna, the woman they married, the jobs they had or lost. Anything and everything. Great comparison Bjorn, thank you.

  4. I liked this little snippit of a story, Björn. And while it is complete in it’s own way, I was pulled through and could have read more.

  5. This felt like an old Jimmy Buffet song going in(and that is high praise, margaritaville being one of the leading male fantasies in Florida, I think 😊)with the lone man going into the familiar bar to have fun and tie one on. But then the daughter appears out of nowhere and shocks us back into reality. Come to think of it, i dont remember any mention of the wife and kids in those songs…

  6. This has such a sensuous opening, the scents and sounds, it felt like a man at the end of hard day’s work looking for rest, and then you turned it into something else entirely. So well done.

  7. Wow! This mom has all hands on deck. It’s a matter of survival, isn’t it. That little girl is growing up quick. Very well captured Björn. Loved it.


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