Before Breakfast

It’s not that I like mornings, don’t hate then either but sometimes I just cannot sleep. When it’s too late to fall asleep again, and too early to go up I catch up on the news. Is it another obnoxious tweet from the chief toddler in command or maybe someone being shot. It’s like nightmares are not enough.

I wonder why I never start my morning with a poem, go up and make myself a cup of tea, or take a walk around the block to get a scent of fresh apples to start the day. No… I just have to get upset before I calm down for breakfast.

not even a breeze
ripples the lake’s surface —
autumn’s first morning

Breakfast by Pablo Picasso

Haibun Monday is here again at dVerse. Mish hosts and the theme is morning…

September 3, 2018

24 responses to “Before Breakfast

  1. Sometimes my poems comes in the morning but like you I also read the news, not the tweets though of the chief toddler. Inhale and exhale, smiles. Hope you had a good morning and day!!!!

  2. In that respect we are so different. I can’t do anything until I’ve written! But a cup of tea is with me when I sit down at my desk! 😉

  3. The news, especially lately can really be upsetting. A change of routine could bring a change of perspective. Great idea! I love the extra layer that this brings….”not even a breeze ripples the lake’s surface”

  4. Insomnia is a mark of stress and a too active mind; sorry to hear it plagues you. I had to finally start taking meds to break through the
    bout I had. Your busy work day leaves so little time for writing–you amaze me with how much you manage to write.

  5. Oh my, I love the phrase “chief toddler I command”. I refer to him as “The Trumpet”. Both are fitting! Your morning sounds very familiar.

  6. I have had insomnia so long it is normal for me now to only sleep four hours a day, at most. I love the thoughts of starting the day with the scent of apples. I do not watch the news until the 6:00 news and then I am reading and only half listening. I don'[t write everu day. Not into it that much. But when I write, I write!

  7. Lovely! And made me think: why I never do that either? I, too, get absorbed in the terrible news of a morning TV sessions. There is a song by a band here, saying: I don’t want to get off my sleep and jump in the hundred-headed shark of a day.
    Well, translation is so-so, I haven’t woken up properly yet.
    Lovely haibun! Thanks for sharing it!

  8. I like the way you question your habit of reading the news but then continue to do it. So many of us are like now. It’s so hard to switch off. I love your haiku at the end and the idea that nature will be there for us when we do.

  9. It often happens….and so often the news is as it was yesterday, nothing “new,” since the “toddler,” too charge…he would be boring if he was not so dangerous.

  10. Is that your picture? I love it! Those three look as though mornings are difficult. Maybe they’ve been watching the news. It’s funny but I’ve yet to meet an American who approves of Trump. Who are these people?

  11. Why is it we choose to start the morning hearing the bad stuff rather than being creative? Or maybe the news prompts us to strive for better, happier things.

  12. Mmm! The news & the toddler. I stay clear of both till i at least feel sturdy enough to absorb it. I try to be good to myself these days.😊. Love the haiku.


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