My twin in comics

I still recall — when I was told how much
I am like Tintin;
it’s not so much my youthful looks
(though I prefer my hair unkempt like him)
but in the way I talk to groups, and
maybe, maybe in a way
I was the least eccentric in the madhouse…
which is compliment of sorts.

My doppelganger can be found in comics, and I don’t even have a white dog. For Susie at toads.

August 3, 2018.

10 responses to “My twin in comics

  1. Memories of the doppelganger knowledge start. “when I was told how much I am like…” That’s how I found mine also, an attorney who makes the TV News and not a comic strip character. I am not familiar in any way of your Tintin. He’s never been in our local papers.
    I asked Mrs. Jim if I resembled a comic strip character, she said Hagar the Horrible. For sure she said, the way I take hints. Are you familiar with him? He is a Norseman of old, he raids castles with his ragedy crew. He eats a lot and drinks a lot but he doesn’t do a lot around home except eat genorusly of his wife’s, Helga’s, cooking. That is also her favorite comic. Being from the Baltic area, you may know of him.

  2. Dear Tintin, I am dull compared to my two younger sisters! (the oldest needing to be a bit more serious and responsible I suppose?) Love your comic approach to the challenge.

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