The butterfly effect

I hate travelling with Matt.

He’s late again; I’m boiling inside as the stewardess closes the door right behind him. While he makes his way down the aisle to his seat I just glare at my watch. Out of breath he slumps down beside me.

“I’ve only missed one flight once in my life”.

I raise an eyebrow.

“No connection for two days from Santiago… best thing in my life.“


“I met my future wife… It’s the butterfly effect you know, one red light too many turns into a whole family.”

He’s smiling now…

“I am married”, I fume.

To me the image looked like one of these things you make to attract butterflies or bumblebees to nest, which took me to my story, which is actually very much true, except that some names and cities has been changed.

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August 1, 2018

63 responses to “The butterfly effect

  1. “I’m boiling inside as the stewardess closes the door right behind him”

    This has me picturing him hooking up with the stewardess, and you wanting to. 😉

  2. 100 word challenge; that’s doable. Will this butterfly adventure continue? I like where it’s going.

  3. Sometimes we are led to right where we need to be, when we need to be there. Lovely poem.

  4. I adore this one, Björn! Butterfly effect indeed. I so believe in it.
    Puny suggestion, I would change missed ONE flight instead of A for more impact.

  5. I live with someone who’s always late. You get used to it but it still drives me crazy sometimes. Great story, Björn.

  6. Nothing produces conflict like sticking a prompt person and a tardy person in a room ( or a cabin!) together. I can certainly sympathize with this irritated narrator, though i tend to come out on the tardy side of the scale: it is hard to get excited about a phenomenon, no matter how wondrous, when taking advantage of it would require you to engage in bigamy.

  7. Much like my own story. I met my husband when we both happened to be walking down a street both of us would normally avoid. I was with his room mate’s cousin. We took it from there.

  8. Interesting piece. Makes you wonder how different your life would’ve been if you would’ve changed one choice you made in the past.

  9. I can see doing most things with Matt would be difficult. His laisez faire attitude to the needs of anyone but himself must be infuriating. How on earth does his wife put up with him? 🙂

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