Awake at three AM

It’s not the wail of wind,
not this scent of sweat,
it’s not from lack of light
but in the subtle weight
of these words unstitched.

To be linked to Tuesday Platform at toads.

July 31, 2018

14 responses to “Awake at three AM

  1. Beautiful!💜 I find that it is often late at night when the mind is swimming with ideas. Precisely why I prefer writing poetry at night 😊

  2. I gtt my customary three hours last night, waking at 3:00 am. It is a glorious time of morning You wrote about the mustery of it beautifully.

  3. words, by associations or disassociations, and how they can come undone … often at the most inopportune hours …. and yet, sometimes, it is precisely where and when and how the magic takes place … and how it all then weaves a new spell – whether with another, a lover, a higher consciousness, or self …

    very atmospheric poem Bjorn.

  4. Wow…the shortest of anything I have seen you write, and it is fantastic. Funny how words can do this, but oh man….great writing my friend.

  5. kaykuala

    Actively writing in the early hours one is privileged with quietness befitting a prolific writer!


  6. I’m most often awake at 3 am and since we’re more than likely in the same time zone, it is quite odd to think of that synchronicity. You have captured the sense of isolation and irregularity of the insomniac very well.

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