Serpent in my bed

The dry snake slithers slowly,
skales caressing my skin
the tender weight of its body moves slowly closer
closer to my groin
with a forked-tongue tickling.

I feel the cold rush in my veins,
with every heartbeat anticipating the venom
bringing death of hypodermic needles.

The body of the serpent’s soft as silk
strangely warm — my lovers hand —
moving for the morning glory
blooming as I’m kissed awake,
released to firework — apple-cheeked
an enigma of relieved.

Lilith with a snake by John Collier

Izy wants us to turn our worst nightmare into farce at toads. I could imagine a nightmare, but I do not think it ended in a farce, sorry for being deviate a bit from the prompt.

12 responses to “Serpent in my bed

  1. Well you wrote a nightmare to be sure. My aunt once woke us screaming. She and my mom’s younger sister were sleeping together out of necessity in a small vacation home. We all ran to see what the horror was. She said she had dreamed of a snake in the bed with her and her foot brushed again the leg of her sister. Welll….there ya go. Haha. I hit farce indeed with mine.

  2. Oh man, I super enjoyed this one. I love how you blurred the lines between what frightens us and what – ahem- excites us. Well done and viva la!

  3. It was difficult to concentrate on your words with Lilith being delighted by that snake possessing her! So what was I going to say? Oh yes, waking is really quite a relief from some dreams isn’t it?

  4. Got to watch those dry snakes with forked tongues, Bjorn. Be sure none turn into wanton women or you’ve had the course, worse than from the snake.

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