The townhouse can wait

Philip pushes his way through the hallway cluttered with clothes and toys.

Her clothes, their toys. The condo, once perfect for a bachelor, is simply too cramped since Janine moved in with her kids.
Not even his kids.

He sighs, why did it have to cost and arm and a leg for a townhouse?

“Hello darling”, Janine sneaks up behind wrapping her arms around him. He feels a familiar stirring building and remembers the lonely bachelor days.

“It’s Mike’s week… it’s just us tonight”, she purrs.

Phil leads her to their bedroom.

The townhouse can wait, tonight the condo is perfect.

This picture had me thinking quite a lot, but finally I thought of the saying “an arm and a leg”, but if you only have a leg it’s going to be hard. It’s not my usual style to write a romance but I thought it contrasted with the somewhat grim picture. After this week I will be absent for a few weeks, but will come back with full force when I’m back.

Friday Fictioneers is curated by Rochelle, and around her prompting the best writers on the internet gathers every week. The challenge is simple, one picture, tell your story in a hundred words.

31 responses to “The townhouse can wait

  1. LOVE. IT.
    and had me smiling and you said so much with key parts – like the blended families and transitioning – nice social piece and some things do cost and arm and leg

  2. Yanno what, Björn? Don’t be shy when you feel like being mushy.. you do it well….
    And have a most wonderful holiday!.

  3. This was a welcome twist on the photo! Well done. And … it is fun to dip toes (no pun to the photo) in a bit of different style once in a while! Enjoy your time off! Na’ama

  4. Being cramped for space may be a better price to pay than what they are asking for a townhouse… I hope you enjoy your time away!

  5. Dear Bjorn,

    I love what you did here. Just enough reference to the prompt and a totally different direction. A lot of story in a few words. Brava!



  6. I like how you wrote to the prompt at a tangent. A pity Phil has to suffer other people’s kids, but at least they spend some time with their dad giving him and Janine their own space. 😉

  7. Lovely take on the prompt, Björn. Patchwork families aren’t easy, but these two seem to remember what’s most important.

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