Burning summer cold

A sticky mongrel-tongue —
this summer swelter;
I’m roped in the reek of course blankets
by a smothering wind;
the bare skin of my thighs sticks
to the creased vinyl of a rickly bar-chair as I reach
for the delusion of a tantalizing caperina,
stretching for that tempting dream of an imagined glass
centered in its rivulets of condensations;
but my hands sense dust and my throat is tender,
abrasive, filled with sand for a summer cold
more burning than the weather.

Heat by Erte

Today it’s Open Link Night Night at dVerse. I host and after today we will have a two week’s summer break. BTW I don’t have a cold at the moment, but I imagine how it could be in the heat-wave of today. Tomorrow it will cool off.

31 responses to “Burning summer cold

  1. Summer colds are the worst! I love your descriptions of the coarse blankets, the sand in your throat. I am glad you don’t have a cold! Our heat hits tomorrow. 94F today, 100F tomorrow.

  2. Heat up that Caipirinha and it might be just what the dr. ordered! Any cold is miserable. Hope this one was fictional. Love that sticky mongrel tongue, but sorry you had to experience it from the inside out.

  3. the contrasts are stark – coarse blanket/dry throat a great reference – and I like the paradox of a summer cold – so desirable in the ice cube but not in the virus

  4. Yikes on that summer cold ~ Admiring the sensory images of that coarse blanket and creased vinyl ~ We are going to get the heat wave this weekend ~

  5. I’m glad you don’t have a cold in real life though you’ve captured that wretched feeling precisely.

  6. Aha! Sounds like you have allergies… that raw burning throat is telling on you. Love the Summer swelter being like a mongrels wet tongue!

  7. Ah, this is such a realistic portrayal of a summer cold when there is no respite and the burning of the thirst is combined with the burning discomfort. The sandy, parched images make it a pretty thorough experience. Well-penned.

  8. A summer cold … sounds oxymoronic but a real pain nonetheless. Glad I haven’t had one for years. Happy summer to you, Master Bjorn!

  9. Oh I can FEEL so much in your words. Quite visceral.
    LOVE this “the delusion of a tantalizing caperina,” Have had that drink and yes, it is quite refreshing and tantalizing too! Sometimes it is so sweltering that instead of drinking, I just hold the cold glass to my forehead! 🙂
    Enjoy your break, my friend!

  10. Lovely weather here today, but next week we head to where it’s hovering around 100 degrees. Glad to hear your summer cold is only fictional. Those are the most miserable kind of colds.

  11. Nothing worse than a burning summer cold, Bjorn, and you have expressed it to well with the ‘sticky mongrel-tongue’! I love the contrast of ‘that tempting dream of an imagined glass / centered in its rivulets of condensations’ and the dust and tender throat:
    ‘abrasive, filled with sand for a summer cold
    more burning than the weather’..
    From the poem, I was sure you must have a summer cold – so cleverly imagined!

  12. Those first two lines a re such a perfect description of summer heat. Predictions for 38 and 39 C temps for the next several days.

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