No way back

I stumble on the cobbled lane
this cul-de-sac,
this rutted one-way-street.
Nowhere I see a crossroad
where a path diverges,
nowhere a bridge leads back.

How can a lie be white
when night is dark?
How can you mend a bridge
by telling truth?

Path by Paul Delvaux

Today De hosts the Quadrille at dVerse The word is cobble and as usual the challenge to write a poem including the word of exactly 44 words including the word cobble.

June 4, 2018

28 responses to “No way back

  1. A beautifully cobbled quadrille, Bjorn, and I too love the lines:
    ‘How can a lie be white
    when night is dark?’

  2. A white lie can turn into something dark…some bridges take a lot of mortar and love..and perhaps, one needs to cobble a new path.

  3. “How can a lie be white when night is dark?”… this is incredibly gripping!

  4. Such a strong visual poem of your narrator stumbling through life on a difficult path. I particularly like ‘How can a lie be white/ when night is dark?’ It is a hard question to consider, let alone answer.

  5. I agree, truth may help, but is also uncertain in our hands, colored by our own perceptions and biases. More important to build bridges, compromise on principles but not on kindness? Seek truth together? But all of that is may seem impossible if the situation is hard, if the night is truly black. I hope the speaker can find the bridge he seeks.

  6. Well cobbled, Björn. I like the image–nightmarish, I think–of stumbling on a path that seems to have no way back. And how does one mend the bridge? I don’t know.

  7. Life’s paths bring some bumps in the road, sometimes leaving a person at a dead end. A lie, even a white one, may not get you out of trouble, but cause more. Very good! 😉

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