I beg you mercy, moon

Why your fury, sickle-moon?
Why sending steel & not spill silver?
make good as once it was
Why your ruthless voice, dear moon?
I beg you mercy, pledge allegiance
please cease so silently defiant.
my moon, my moon
The darkness knows me better,
bringing breeze from sea
as scent of wood is wild tonight
please let me make my bed
on supple moss,
this night of tears & attar
this night of barefoot walks,
this night of bloom & bruises,
my moon & me

Spell. New moon.by Nicholas Roerich

Today Paul wants us to write contrapuntal poetry tonight at dVerse. This is a poem that should be possible to read in three ways. Join us when you have managed it… quite tricky.

15 responses to “I beg you mercy, moon

  1. I admire the layout, Bjorn, and love the ilines:
    ‘Why sending steel & not spill silver?’
    ‘bringing breeze from sea
    as scent of wood is wild tonight’.

  2. There is an eerie sense to this poem as I feel that breeze under my shirt and down the spine. Bringing up steel makes me think of betrayal, but who would have thought the gentle moon capable? And the scent of wild wood adds to the peculiar night.

  3. This is stunning work Bjorn!💜 Especially love “bringing breeze from sea as scent of wood is wild tonight.” 😊

  4. I think you did a great job with this Bjorn. It’s not an easy form, really, but it’s worth the effort (but for the damn formatting!) – and I admit, I can’t really choose which I prefer – each has some wonderfully delicious and sensual images, on all sides, and together, as the whole, it adds a completely new dimension and voice.
    I’m just going to sit with this and enjoy it – and the moon outside …. for it’s the right time, to just savour all aspects ….

  5. I like that the sickle moon is in a fury then your plea “please cease so silently defiant.” and then the love between you two “my moon, my moon my moon & me” This is so lovely.

  6. Wonderfully done, Bjorn. I love all three readings….most especially when these lines are read together:
    “I beg your mercy, pledge allegiance
    this night of barefoot walks
    please cease so silently defiant
    this night of bloom and bruises.”
    Wonderful please and exchange of conversation here.

  7. Yes, the moon has been right here, each night after the sun sets, I can see why you call it your own. Thanks for your comment on my site. For some reason I can’t reply?

  8. kaykuala
    I beg you mercy, pledge allegiance
    please cease so silently defiant.
    my moon, my moon

    The moon is seen to be so formidable and menacing. Not good for it to harass and provoke


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