Silver from the stars

The softness of your hands is formed from night
Where fingers weave and skin meets skin; delight.
    We sail the dragon, sieve silver from the stars.
My love, embrace the dark, please hold me tight.

The starry sky by Konstantin Vasilyev

Tonight we write Rubai stanza with Frank at dVerse. My choice has been to write in a form close the Fitzgerald’s interpretation of Omar Khayyam. But we have some freedom to choose our own way.

In my quest for 30 poems in April I’m now at 23.

April 26, 2018

25 responses to “Silver from the stars

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  2. Your romantic side is shining through in this one, Bjorn, and once again we seem to be on the same wavelength with night and stars! I love the lines:
    ‘The softness of your hands is formed from night
    Where fingers weave and skin meets skin; delight’.

  3. Ok, swooning a bit here. Your words are magically and sailing the dragon..if only, I could soar the stars. Ok, I may have to play along tonight.

  4. The accompanying artwork shows a universe within a palmprint when activated by the pressing of another’s. This is a great tribute to Khayyam and “sieve silver from the stars” is a beautiful way to describe what happens when lovers meet.

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