Old man oak

Still skeletal
the gnarly canopy of this old man oak,
with sap as thick as buttermilk,
leans against despair of time;
when suddenly
the daring thrill of blackbirds
thaw the frost and brings
an omen of a wind so soft, so sensual
it stirs the sapling boy
inside this old man oak.

A poem for Sanaa using a list of words at toads.

April 19, 2018

17 responses to “Old man oak

  1. Good golly, bro. This is one of the best poems I think you’ve ever written. This is incredible!!!

    I especially like these descriptions:
    “the gnarly canopy”
    “thick as buttermilk”
    “leans against despair of time”
    “an omen of a wind so soft”
    “it stirs the sapling boy
    inside this old man oak”

    So, yeah. The whole thing. 😉 Excellent work.

  2. Hi Bjorn! Wonderful to have you back.. You have created a thing of stark contrast in this poem – such a memorable central image of the oak.

  3. an awakening – an awakening! stirring write with wonderfully accurate and highly descriptive portrait so well captured. Fantastic Bjorn!

  4. Get those old oak trees riled up and excited no one knows what all will happen. Fun read, Bjorn.

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