Entropy of war

Entropy of war is not the white hot burn or hatred
but a strong conviction of destroying what is sacred,
and though they say that killing makes you stronger
you realize that also enemies have sons or daughters.
Entropy of war is not the bloodshed but the numbing
of emotions, a tepid burn of boredom and succumbing
to an apathy of being boys that curdle into soldiers.
Entropy of war is mud, it’s bones & slumping shoulders.

Warrior by Salvador Dali

Entropy and the disorder made me think of war for my prompt at toads . You can interpret the prompt in your way, there are many ways to find inspiration or sadness in the concept of war. I will also link up to poetry pantry tomorrow.

31 responses to “Entropy of war

  1. Heroic couplets for the Herculean task to holding Ares to account for his long, long shadow. Heat death is that “numbing,” violence without ardor, the technologies of warfare, drone operators launching killing shadows on a video screen. War without passion is marriage in hell, “curdling,” as you say, into living death. Well done.

  2. “Boys that curdle into soldiers”. Excellent. Poetry/art/music about the futility of war is fascinating. One of my favorites is the song “Gun” by My Chemical Romance. One of the lyrics just repeats “I’m never gonna have a son, she’s never gonna have a son.” I believe, based on the rest of the song, that that lyric is a reference to not wanting to have children in a world that may force them to fight “they’re teaching me to kill, who’s teaching me to love”

  3. When I read the last line, into my mind come the black and white images of tired soldiers, dead bodies, men slogging in the rain with their weapons on their shoulders. Well done.

  4. Interesting take on war. Of course it is mass death and destruction. Entrophy, why not? Here I am thinking that many see war GOOD for economis and the markets. Is there a saying that “killing makes you stronger?”
    Thank you for this thoughtful prompt. Again one like which I could not have imagined.
    p.s. I do not like war movies and do not read war stories or accounts. I will read episodes in war settings that do not involve the fighting or killing. My favorite was in our nearby George H.W. Bush library depicting his life, INCLUDING his ditching of his WWII bomber two times, once from the flight plan getting off his aircraft carrier and the other when over the mountains held by the Japanese. His two crew members list their lives.

  5. Just brilliant, Bjorn. The strength of form creates a sold frame for your striking images and unique view of the slow loss and decay of humanity over time. Brings to mind Slaughterhouse 5.
    I’m sorry that not to many folk tried to wrap theirs heads around the science of entropy but I have found it to be a fascinating concept for poetic thought and may revisit the prompt in April.

  6. “Entropy of war is not the bloodshed but the numbing of emotions”… sigh this is so deep and true!

  7. What a powerful opening couplet, Bjorn! I like the contrast of hatred and sacred, My favourite line is:
    ‘Entropy of war is mud, its bones & slumping shoulders’.

  8. We know nothing good can come of it. And yet we are wedded to it, as if it was something sacred in our lives. We wish for a time of peace, something certain to hold on to. It is always there, or the threath of it.

  9. Such a powerful poem that speaks so clearly of the waste of lives war brings. The last lines of your poem are so utterly true and so utterly sad.

  10. Eventually the futility of war overwhelms you but sadly there are so many eagerly waiting to partake. What a great poem this is Bjorn.

  11. Your description of the devastation of war as going beyond the killing and bloody deaths is so ‘on target’. The evils of war penetrate the beauty of life. Your words are so true.

  12. I too, was impacted by ‘boys that curdle into soldiers’ … there is something horrifyingly visceral about that image. It hits a nerve, and keeps going.

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