Air and us

This night — starstruck cold

Alone and
bared we stare;
sky in palms
swaying silenced
for its symphonies:
we and air.

You egg me darkly — play
on puff of clouds;
inhale me, zephyr you;
trickle softer yet.

This night, is… fire-
        worked of us.

Star the Wormwood by Konstantin Bogaevsky

Today the word for the Quadrille is egg. Kim hosts at dVerse. Join us with 44 word poetry including the word egg. Also linking to the open platform at toads.

March 26, 2018

36 responses to “Air and us

  1. I really like the title of this one, Björn. I love it when I’m in my reader and I’m sucked in by the title of a poem. I know it’s going to be good before I even read a line. That theory hasn’t failed me yet.

  2. being egged on by your imagery – “sky in palms” evokes double image of swaying trees and open hands

  3. I love the opening line: ‘This night — starstruck cold’ and the way it springboards the reader into the main body of the Quadrille. I also love
    ‘sky in palms’, ‘You egg me darkly’ and ‘This night, is… fire- / worked of us’.

  4. Air and Us………..
    First line and also “Alone and bared we stare.” Wonderful description here….fireworks turned into a verb. Loving this one, Bjorn!

  5. Björn, you are the master of bringing gold gilt language and pristine imagery into your beautiful writing. Lovely, lovely.

  6. I like the way you used the word ‘egg’ – and in all a striking piece of abstract poetry.

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